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The Shards of Corynn is a Campaign set in New Neverwinter in the Forgotten Realms. The city under the leadership of Lord Nevember, has begun to rebuild from the cataclysm that destroyed the city some 3o years before. Several factions vie for political power in the once great city. Lord Neverember, the open lord of Waterdeep, came to the ruined city with coin, mercenaries, and the necessary resources to begin revitalization. Having established the protector’s Enclave, Neverember’s mercenaries protect the people with a series of fortifications and walls build to keep the New Neverwinter part of the city safe. Neverember is king of new Neverwinter in all but name, and most believe he will eventually lay claim to throne. The Sons Alagondar, a militia group of traditionalist Neverwinter survivors, will only recognize a true heir to the Alagondar throne, and oppose Neverember’s bid for the city’s throne. Lurking in the city’s forgotten districts, outside the protector’s enclave, a street gang that has risen to prominence throughout the Northern Realms, slowly leaks its corruption into the city. Where there is profit to be made, the Dead Rats are not far behind. With so much to be gained as the city recovers, what other groups lay in the shadows? The area outside of Neverwinter is just as dangerous. The thousand arrows orc tribes infest the local mountains, and the fabled Gauntlgrym, the ancient city of the dwarves, is believed to lay somewhere near.


Recently, the news of strange occurrences have begun circulating through rumors on the streets, between merchants in the marketplace, and amongst tankards at the local bars. Disappearances in one of the districts outside of the protector’s enclave. Street children mostly, but some say whole families have disappeared. Neverember’s militia, Mintaran mercenaries — renowned as much for their prowess in battle as for the ruthless and pragmatic pursuit of coin — refuse to acknowledge or investigate the rumors. Their concern is for the citizens of New Neverwinter, and they can not afford to expend precious resources to pursue rumors in the area outside the walls of the Protector’s Enclave. They say all of the former inhabitants of Neverwinter are welcome to relocate within the walls and the protection Lord Neverember offers. Despite the lack of any tangible evidence, the rumors continue to grow. While some of the rumors point to the illicit dealings of the notorious dead rats, others would have the disappearances linked to everything from evil cultist to highly placed officials in the service of Lord Neverember himself! To make matters worse, recent attacks upon the city walls have intensified over the last few months: bands of marauders, small parties of Orcs, and the plague charged all taking their tolls on the taxed city militia. The inhabitants of new Neverwinter are on edge. Fighting for survival in the savage north has become a daily routine.

This is the time. Neverwinter needs heroes.


Shards of Corryn

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