Shards of Corryn

Death From Below

We followed the sewers which ends with a giant gate with a large room beyond. Lireal uses her magic to move a lever and the giant grate raises. We move on in and fight another group of rata, which we easily dispose of the last tried to surreder but that is not our way. He told us we are all going to die before running away and turning a switch. The room started to fill with water violently moving us around and we all got pretty hurt from the waves. Gushing water pushed up towards a waterfall where Rinon and I found a cave with armor, a longsword, and gems. We continue exploring the caves and hear a scraping sound.

Upon investigation we find a bunch of corpses of humans and animals and the strange symbols we saw in Neverwinter above the doorways of the missing citizens. There was so much carnage and death, it gave us all the heebbee geebees. Before we get a chance to think, we are attacked by these fiends with a leader covered in chains with hooks for hands. The demons and devils have powers beyond our defenses within seconds everything goes black and my body feels numb.

I hear the Raven Queen commanding me to wake up. She tells me my task is not yet complete. Slowly the world comes back into focus my eyes burn from the sunlight. Sunlight? How we are long underground. Startled I scream out and a group of priestesses rush over. They tell me not to get up so fast, I become overwhelemed with questions. Blackthorne walks into the room and explains to me how I fell in battle against the demons and Elmo came to our rescue. Blackthorne took me to the temple of Selune and they ressurected me as pament for finding the first shard.



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