Shards of Corryn

Enough Rats Already

We all meet up at the House of 1000 Faces later that day and decide to venture out to the River District and find the Halfling Pallas and his thieves guild. When we arrive at the docks there is aleady a fit going on between the Dead Rats and the thiees guild. We decide its in our best interests to help out the halflings since we already have a vendetta aganst the rats.

What seems like a good idea, becomes a bad idea. The rats and the halflings start attacking us. One fight becomes four simultanious skirmishes. We manage to fight off all the rats and most of the halfing theives. Enough rat already their breath stinks and these vile creatures are cheap in their fighting styles lacking proper skill and technique. I another one bites one of us, its dinner. Their leader Pallas, at what seems to be the killing strike from Smoothbeard falls into the depths below. Blackthorne searches for his body but cannot find it in the dirty waters below. We hold the last of the thieives hostage and try to negotiate with him. He gives us the second shard in exchange for his life. We also find a bunch of gold and a dwarf’s journal who was searching for the lost ancient city of Gauntlym.



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