Shards of Corryn

Ogre Snot and Zombie Mush

We continued exploring ths underground dungeon and stumbled upon a locked door with the loud sound of snoring coming from the other side. After much fumbling with the lock by the elves, I gave the handle a little twist and lift combo easily opening the door. The now awakened Lulash a wretched smelly beast that gives ogres a bad name jumped up from his bedroll made of the skins of every civalized creature charging at us spittle flying and club swinging.

For something of a substanstial size his attacks had little effect on us. All the commotion aroused the attention of more undead and their prisoners two elves and a gnome. The gods favored us this day as we tacticily commanded the battlefield dropping zombie after zombie and inflicting more suffering upon Lulash the once mighty. The elves offered to pay us 200 gold once they return to Waterdeep if we could get them out of this dungeon, and we agreed. After much scouring, we found Lulash’s stash of our belongings under his makeshift bed. Ah it is nice to have my trusty blade back. I feel the energy of the Raven Queen running through my veins yet again. Rinon spots a hatch leading to a stirwell that eventually takes us to the surface. The sound of many orcs ring the hallways and walls in these castle ruins just outaide Neverwinter. Quickly and quietly we make our way back into the it undetcted. The elves bid us goodbye and promise to aend money, but I wont hold my breath. Te gnome speaks for the first time, giving me a ring that lets all fey creatures know I am a friend. Intereting…



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