Shards of Corryn

Rat Basterds

After making our way to the shrine of Seleune to return the shard recovered from the otherside of the wall, the obvious next step was to find this second shard the halfling we fought in the House of a Thousand Faces spoke of. I suggested to the group that we first check in with Coral the trading Dwarf to see if he has any news on where that sword came from we pilfered from the warehouse of stolen goods in the Black Lake District. Blackthorne came with me but we could no find Coral anywhere. Meanwhile Rion ans Smoothbeard went back to the Black Lake District to find at halfling again for more information. Blackthorne and I decided to check out the caravan gates, perhaps Starforged knows where Coral is. Lireal and Alain sent some time in the market searching for supplies.

Oddly there were less merchants ans way more guards near the caravan gates per usual. Starforged waas nowhere to be seen. There is a group of guys wo stick out, cloaked mercenaries from afar. We follow them for a bit, curiousity getting the best of us. They do no appear to be brigands, and we break off and meet up with the drow ans human before heading over to the Beached Leviathian to rejoin Rion and Smoothbeard.

Fnally our whole group is back together around a table covered in empty mugs, the usual. Rion tells us the second shard is in the River District. Our way in is via the head of the Black Lake Council, citizens group that wants to restore the area to its former glory. Blackthrone decides to hire Otis, the town drunk as a guide. What use will he be outside a tavern? At the House of a Thousand Faces we find Ealat, the leader of the Black Lake Council, he does not seem to care for what we have to ask and say. Our conversation is interupted by commotion outside. There are a bunch of protestors chanting, “Neverember Out!” about 3/4 of them are towns people, the rest mercenaries including the strange ones we followed earlier in the carvan area. Rion asks them questions, trying to get information. One of them approaches me and asks if I am with them, or against them. I explain I am a born and raised Neverwintian, not one of the otsider mercenaries from Waterdeep. He has a perculiar bone neckalce on with runes. I shout to the crowd, "Death or Glory’, and we all go back inside.

Back inside, Blackthorne pays off the Black Lake Council as a gesture to show good faithand interest. We hear more commotion and watch from the windows a fight between the crowd and guards. One person died during this scuffle and the crowd disperses. Smokus spots the wiry figure watching us yesterday get lost trying to find the sewers. Immediately we all run out to follow. Doing my most impressive acrobatics, I jump tumble and roll arund the crowd and obstructions. Soothbeard being less graceful (by that I mean a dwarf) crashes right into a vendor cart like a bull in a Waterdeep shop. The. figure making headway darts down an alley. Rion and Blackthrone take to the roofs hoping to get a better vantage point. Eventually we all end up at the end of an alley with a sewer grate and no wiry figure in sight.

Inside the sewer is a statue of a halfling rogue, the leader of the Dead Rats gang, this must be one of their hideouts, I spit on the statue as we pass it. Maybe twenty feet into the sewer we are ambushed b alligators and sewer rats. A very tough battle, Blackthorne and Lireal being knocked dowin for the count numerous times each. If it was not for Smootheard and Rion’s healing, I am afraid we would have lost them both. I continued to keep the creatures at bay and away from my friends. Just as exhaustion set in, the final rat died.



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