Shards of Corryn

Smelly Orc Butt

We learn from our halfling hostage that the Dead Rats sell stolen goods the orcs raid from caravans. The men in the grey cloaks are buying these goods and want to overthrow Neverember. What a conundrum this is, stealing from the hardworking merchants is wrong however the goods eventually end up in the hands of a radical militia that is doing good for the people of Neverwinter. If only there was a way for the grey cloaks to get these goods directly from the merchants. The halfling manages to wiggle his way out of captivity and runs off. At least we are left with the 2nd shard and some gold.

We decide its best to get this 2nd shard to the temple of Seleune before someone comes back to take it from us. We spend the night at the temple to rest up before heading out to find our helpful but sometimes bumbling dwarf Elmo. At the House of 1000 Faces they have not seen him all day. There is a dwarf playing cards with a half orc and a guy off to the back reading to himself. Some of us talk to the men playing cards and learn not only are they really good at winning but they are mercenaries for hire. The man by himself reading sticks out like a sore thumb in the Black Lake District, he is not the person who would venture out here. Something is not right about him, I just cannot figure it out. With no sign of Elmo, we decide to venture off to the Lake District and try to find signs of orc activity.

And signs of orc activity we did find! Most of the homes are destroyed but this one near the wall has been recently rebuilt. Carefully, we plan to enter from all directions as stealthily as possible. That is not always the case with this group of adventurers. Rinon being a little dramatic at times somersaults through the window breaking glass and cutting himself in the process. Not to be outdone, naturally I kick down the door. We are ambushed by orcs, Vancy’s Boyz from upstairs. After a grueling battle we overcome these smelly beasts and take their outpost as our own. Searching the building we find a key on a chain on a desk, nothing else of any value. Blackthrone ties the last orc (unconscious) to a chair to interrogate him. HE sure loves to keep hostages. The drow finishes him off by cutting his fingers off. A mean streak in this one. Hours later we hear some kind of horn alarm and everyone freezes. 15 minutes later we hear it again and then silence.

Eventually the orc wakes up and Blackthrone goes to gag him getting bit in the process, I slap the orc across the face knocking him back out. Lireal and Rinon take to the roof for watch and we wait for morning. Morning never came, two large patrols of orcs make their way to this outpost and spot us on the roof. They quickly take out the drow and carry her away hostage. Wave after wave of yellow teeth and green muscle storm our outpost. We do our best to hold our own concentrating on one at a time. As each orc falls another two show up from the stairway or the hole in the roof. Slowly we fall in battle and it is 3 on 3, 3 on 2, 3 on 1, then blackness.

I wake up in a jail cell of sorts completely unaware of the day, time, or location. I catch my senses and think of a quick exit strategy. Blackthorne and Rinon can teleport, I can only when using a special attack taught to me in my days in the militia. Mustering all my strength I punch the dwarf in the stomach as we use the shadows to our advantage to slip into the corridor. I have no clue how this works, it is one of the powers clerics taught us. Our faith allows us to absorb the magic of the gods for short bursts like this. Now we just need to figure out how to free the drown from her cell.

There are bodies chained to the pillars holding the ceiling up in this underground prison, we follow the corridor to the next room some kind of ancient torture chamber with every dark implement imaginable to inflict pain and suffering. Blackthrone being an expert on blades finds us some makeshift weapons good for hacking like a machete. We go back into the area with the cells to check the other room out and are ambushed by zombies. The bodies chained to the wall break free attacking us. We quickly dispose of these wretched creatures, they give death such a bad name.



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