Shards of Corryn

The One that Got Away

Upon returning to Neverwinter proper, we met up with Elmo at the House of a Thousand Faces of course. He seemed to be more interested in drinking than adventuring surprise surprise. I noticed whenever anyone brought up his brother he became very distant and somewhat annoyed. There is more to this than he wants to let on. We eventually convince Elmo to come back with us to the underground dungeon where we fought the ogre.

At first Elmo did not believe us that there were any orcs, boy was he wrong. We barely got out of there alive. As we slowly approached the abandoned castle, one orc spotted me. Knowing our stealth was blown I had no choice but to charge him and let my greatsword do all the talking. Battle ensued as archers behind battlements bit at our sides and packs of green flanked us. There was this one orc, a female who carried a whip and appeared to be their leader. After near death, we all retreated to the secret dungeon below where we slayed the ogre. After a short rest we went after the orcs again with full might.

This time we commanded the battlefield and took no prisoners slaying every green creature in sight. Their leader left standing alone took off for the woods and no matter how hard we tried to keep up with her she dropped our chase.

Now the problem is she knows we are onto them, and where could she have run off to but the Dead Rats? Better sharpen my blade there will be much use of it in the near future… sacrifices for the gods.



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