Shards of Corryn

Times are changing

We decided it is best to camp for the night before journeying back to Neverwinter. Before deciding on where to go, another patrol of undead this time much larger approached from the East. Unable to fight off a group that large, we ran North down a valley towards the woods. The undead patrol chased us firing arrows at our backs and feet. Looking over my shoulder I saw the same Tiefling from earlier controlling these undead as well. Then three shootings stars each of a different color went across the sky. There is no way we could make it to the woods in time, the undead patrol was closing in on us. The Drow casted a smoke screen which is the only reason any of us made it o ut of the valley alive.

As we kept running North, there was a cave in the distance, the perfect place to hide! Inside we hid in the darkness for what felt like hours until the sound of the undead patrol was gone. Exploring the cave, hoping to find shelter we found a makeshift orcish burial site. The Drow picked up a necklace lying in the rubble made of bone. We carefully manuvered through the stalagtites and stalagmites. Rion pointed out a weapon lying on the ground upon investigation I was attacked by this horrific golden yellow bubbly ooze. Doing my best to avoid its acid nature we fought it off and continued down the tunnel to find a pile of bones, most likely its previous meals. The Drow found leather armor in the pile and tossed it aside, her companion Blackthorne found it quite useful. We decided to sleep there for the night getting long overdue rest.

The next morning we woke to find the Drow missing, Blackthorne did not seem alarmed reassuring us this is normal for her to venture off. We continue to explore the cave to find a broken crate that looks exactly like the ones on the ambushed caravan from the night before. Whatever attacked that caravan must have come this way. We kept going deeper into the cave to find it led us to the sewers of some settlement. With other way to go, we followed the sewer until we saw a humanoid far up head crouched down low. We took cover and slowly apporached until realizing it was our Drow. She explains she was hunting rats for breakfast and joins us as we follow the sewer to whatever city it belngs too.

After awhile we come across a strange script on the wall which Blackthorne translates from orcish as “Vancy’s Boyz own dis Passageway.” We continue until reaching a dead end with a ladder leading up to a hatch on the ceiling. Blackthrone goes up the rusty ladder alone to investigate beynd the hatch while we all stand guard. I swear a pair of eyes are watching us from the right. Shaking my head to get my bearings and wits I then see the same eyes coming peering from the left. Impatient for new from Blackthorne I head up the ladder after him.

Beyond the hatch is a fairly large warehouse full of crates stacked very high. Rion was just behind me and opened a crate it was full of weapons, this warehouse was some kind of arms stash. We all caught up with Blackthorne and spot a guard whom got up and left. Did he see us? After deciding we must get out, the five of us booked it out the front door to find ourselves in the Black Lake district of Neverwinter in the seediest part ear the broken walls that let all the world in and out as it pleases. A gang of wererats ambushed us. Both the Drow and I were bitten, all of us barely survived the fight. But carefully we focused our attacks on ne at a time since they regenerate until only two were left which fled. Rion chased after one and killed it and its cowardice.

After heading to the marketplace in search of the dwarf Coral whom we were working for, we found no sign of him and tries the caravan gates perhaps Starforged knew his whereabouts. Starforged has not seen him since we last left Neverwinter. The group splits up looking for Coral, and Rion and I head back to the Black Lake District.

At the Beached Leviathian, we talk to the bartender giving information to get information. We tell him about everythng that happened and he tells us that gang of wererats are known as the Dead Rats a notorious gang plaguing the Forgotten Realms with sleeper cells and street gangs in every city. They are behind all stolen goods trading, assassinations, and kidnappings. Their leader is a Halfling in Luscon, a well known pirate port. With nowhere to go and it getting late we stay for the night at the Beached Leviathan. During the night my body twists and turns burning on the inside. Nighmares keep me awake while vivid images of the Raven Queen keep me trancelike. This reminds me of my awakening, which is the only reason I do not panic. The Raven Queen uses me to fufil her needs and some kind of transformation came over me. I stop breathing bu nothing happens, I start to lose sensation of life. I pass out from exhaustion only to wake in the morning with no deaire to eat or drink, no need to relieve myself. What has happened to me? What has the Raven Queen done to me? Truely I am no longer living but undead! Pulling my wits together, at least what is left of them, I walk downtairs to join Rion sitting at a table talking to the barkeep.

we venture out to the trading post owned by the man whom tried to hire us as mercenaries days ago. Rion tries to purchase a few weapons but haggling failed to lower prices. only raise them on these stolen goods. We confront the merchant about his stolen merchandise to which he replies with force having guards escort us off his property. We decide to head back over the Dragon Bridge and find our companions. In the marketplace Rion spots the woman he saw before our fight against lizardmen which led us to be hired by Coral. When I look at her I get an intense migrane almost imobolizing me. I try to look away and it only gets worse. Rion insists we go talk to her. My headache stops as we approach her. It turns out that she is a priestess of Sunene and wants to hire u ps to retrienve the moon tears, the shooting stars we saw in the valley. We agree to return these to her and go off to find our companions. Eventually we find them and Blackthorne explains he found Coral and retrieved our payment of 225 gold/ 45 each. Coral took a sword we stole from the warehouse to get it identified and instructed us to head to the House of 1000 Faces in the Black Lake District for further help and instruction.



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