Shards of Corryn

Under Waters Deep

There is a drunk at the end of the bar, and by the look on the barkeep’s face he has been been there for far too long. we do or best to not bring attention to ourselves, but the drunk notices us. Just our luck, Elmo he tells us is his name is the most annoying person I have ever encountered. We manage to get on with our way and follow this crude map the halfling left behind.

It seems that the map must be off, turn after turn we continued to get lost. Eventually no matter whom looked at the map was able to figure out where we were. My knowledge of these streets from long ago when times were better was no use. I tried to lead the group around the twisting alleys and was unable to find the sewer entrance. Blakcthorne took the map for awhile and to no avail find our way either. This map must be enchanted we thought, it is the only logical explanation. Lireal examined the parchment concentrating on it for quite some time, but nonmagical was her verdict. We continued onward hoping to make our way back to the begining when I noticed a tall wiry figure watching us from the distance. We chase after the shade prepared to battle and the alleyway opens up to a plaza full of people. They are all gathered together discussing something going on. Above every doorway is a upside down triangle made of three pieces all red. This symbol is something reminicisent of an old old religion.

Smokus the dwarf and Rion being more diplomatic than ssy I or the drow, approach the crowd and ask them what is going on. The townspeople tell us that they woke up and found these symbols painted over everydoor. Also people have been disappearing lately. They are all baffled, we assumee the dissapearances and symbols must be connected. We leave the plaza ans eventually find the entrance to the sewers.

After traveling for a bit we come to a fork in the road and follow it left. A ways down there is a dooe on the otherside. The group desides to cross the sewer to check out whats behind the door. Everyone but yours truly makes it across safely, I fall in and quickly rescued by my traveling companions. After some fiddling, the dwarf figures out how to open the door and we all go in. Once inside, with the door closed we hear a large group march by, not all the footsteps sounded human one in particular sounds like slurping. To avoid a battle we won’t win, the group decides to explore around here.

The hallway is lined with the crests of past kings of Neverwinter. The cet between the current king and his son is crossed out. At the end of the hallway is a cave in, no where else to go. The elves want to dig through the rubble to keep on going. I find this to be be a bad idea, the last thing we need is another cave in and be buried alive. They eventually make their way through the rubble and there is a statue of King Algaor, the founder of Neverwinter. Around him are nine different sunbursts and an engraving stating, “By the Nine she will forever be protected.” I sense this is a very holy place.

With no where else to go, we all head back to the sewer and continue our trek. After awile the elves sense magic about, an eerie feeling that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Blackthorne our scout, spots a ladder heading up and out of the sewer, he goes up it alone to figure out where we are. It turns out we are beyond the wall and it is now nighttime when the spellplagued are at their greatest numbers. This must be how they are entering the city! Blackthorne explains to us that during the daytime the spell plagued are less numbered and weaker, we all decide to go back to the statue room and spend the night. Rion tries to touch the statue and is thrown back by a shock of electricty. Feeling some urge to make peace with founding king, I approach the statue and pray. Of the entire group only am I able to touch the statue without electric reprimand.

It was an uneventful night thankfully. The Raven Queen graced us with her safety. I had trouble sleeping again, secnd night in a row. I just cannot fall asleep, perhaps too much on my mind? In the morning we trek out back into the sewer and take the ladder above ground. There are spell plagued fighting the city guards trying to breach a wall to the north into the city. We are instantly attacked by spell plagued and this weird one eyed dog, it is hideous. It seems the more spell plagued we take down, the more that keep coming. Also this hideous mutt is not the only of is kind. The fighting goes on all morning before letting up. The drow spots the shard we are looking over for in the distance and the dwarf runs into the thickest of battle to get it. Blackthorne finds a steaigt run for the city walls and we all follow behind. As sooon as we make it over the city’s limits a rag tag team of guards and mercanaries close the gap continuing to fight off the spell plagued. Now we must seek the priestess of Sehune and return to her this shard.



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