Death Blade

+1 Vicious Greatsword

weapon (melee)

+1 to hit
1d10 +1 damage
1d12 +1 damage on crit


The Death Blade is a great sword rumored to once been used by the Raven Queen herself before rising to the throne. Like the blustery cold wind of winter, its blade freezes fragile life before shattering it into nothingness. The Death Blade has been missing for generations and no one alive knows what it looks like. Old tomes describe the blade to be black as night with a blueish grey swirl of color throughout. The handle and hilt made of human bone carved intricately with the prayer known as the Death’s Blessing. No illustrations depict this sword as none have been close enough to document is prowess and live to tell the tale. Other rumors include that the cultists of Orcus have broken the blade in the depths of the Underdark and fashioned it into a new weapon similar to a farmer’s tool. Of course this is all speculation, no one knows the truth for certian.

Rupert does not know this is in fact the Death Blade of lore. He does think it is odd looking, and not of common or local make. It is quite perculiar of a sword indeed, and why would that odd halfling have it under is possession nor leave it for him?

Death Blade

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