Shards of Corryn

The One that Got Away

Upon returning to Neverwinter proper, we met up with Elmo at the House of a Thousand Faces of course. He seemed to be more interested in drinking than adventuring surprise surprise. I noticed whenever anyone brought up his brother he became very distant and somewhat annoyed. There is more to this than he wants to let on. We eventually convince Elmo to come back with us to the underground dungeon where we fought the ogre.

At first Elmo did not believe us that there were any orcs, boy was he wrong. We barely got out of there alive. As we slowly approached the abandoned castle, one orc spotted me. Knowing our stealth was blown I had no choice but to charge him and let my greatsword do all the talking. Battle ensued as archers behind battlements bit at our sides and packs of green flanked us. There was this one orc, a female who carried a whip and appeared to be their leader. After near death, we all retreated to the secret dungeon below where we slayed the ogre. After a short rest we went after the orcs again with full might.

This time we commanded the battlefield and took no prisoners slaying every green creature in sight. Their leader left standing alone took off for the woods and no matter how hard we tried to keep up with her she dropped our chase.

Now the problem is she knows we are onto them, and where could she have run off to but the Dead Rats? Better sharpen my blade there will be much use of it in the near future… sacrifices for the gods.

Ogre Snot and Zombie Mush

We continued exploring ths underground dungeon and stumbled upon a locked door with the loud sound of snoring coming from the other side. After much fumbling with the lock by the elves, I gave the handle a little twist and lift combo easily opening the door. The now awakened Lulash a wretched smelly beast that gives ogres a bad name jumped up from his bedroll made of the skins of every civalized creature charging at us spittle flying and club swinging.

For something of a substanstial size his attacks had little effect on us. All the commotion aroused the attention of more undead and their prisoners two elves and a gnome. The gods favored us this day as we tacticily commanded the battlefield dropping zombie after zombie and inflicting more suffering upon Lulash the once mighty. The elves offered to pay us 200 gold once they return to Waterdeep if we could get them out of this dungeon, and we agreed. After much scouring, we found Lulash’s stash of our belongings under his makeshift bed. Ah it is nice to have my trusty blade back. I feel the energy of the Raven Queen running through my veins yet again. Rinon spots a hatch leading to a stirwell that eventually takes us to the surface. The sound of many orcs ring the hallways and walls in these castle ruins just outaide Neverwinter. Quickly and quietly we make our way back into the it undetcted. The elves bid us goodbye and promise to aend money, but I wont hold my breath. Te gnome speaks for the first time, giving me a ring that lets all fey creatures know I am a friend. Intereting…

Smelly Orc Butt

We learn from our halfling hostage that the Dead Rats sell stolen goods the orcs raid from caravans. The men in the grey cloaks are buying these goods and want to overthrow Neverember. What a conundrum this is, stealing from the hardworking merchants is wrong however the goods eventually end up in the hands of a radical militia that is doing good for the people of Neverwinter. If only there was a way for the grey cloaks to get these goods directly from the merchants. The halfling manages to wiggle his way out of captivity and runs off. At least we are left with the 2nd shard and some gold.

We decide its best to get this 2nd shard to the temple of Seleune before someone comes back to take it from us. We spend the night at the temple to rest up before heading out to find our helpful but sometimes bumbling dwarf Elmo. At the House of 1000 Faces they have not seen him all day. There is a dwarf playing cards with a half orc and a guy off to the back reading to himself. Some of us talk to the men playing cards and learn not only are they really good at winning but they are mercenaries for hire. The man by himself reading sticks out like a sore thumb in the Black Lake District, he is not the person who would venture out here. Something is not right about him, I just cannot figure it out. With no sign of Elmo, we decide to venture off to the Lake District and try to find signs of orc activity.

And signs of orc activity we did find! Most of the homes are destroyed but this one near the wall has been recently rebuilt. Carefully, we plan to enter from all directions as stealthily as possible. That is not always the case with this group of adventurers. Rinon being a little dramatic at times somersaults through the window breaking glass and cutting himself in the process. Not to be outdone, naturally I kick down the door. We are ambushed by orcs, Vancy’s Boyz from upstairs. After a grueling battle we overcome these smelly beasts and take their outpost as our own. Searching the building we find a key on a chain on a desk, nothing else of any value. Blackthrone ties the last orc (unconscious) to a chair to interrogate him. HE sure loves to keep hostages. The drow finishes him off by cutting his fingers off. A mean streak in this one. Hours later we hear some kind of horn alarm and everyone freezes. 15 minutes later we hear it again and then silence.

Eventually the orc wakes up and Blackthrone goes to gag him getting bit in the process, I slap the orc across the face knocking him back out. Lireal and Rinon take to the roof for watch and we wait for morning. Morning never came, two large patrols of orcs make their way to this outpost and spot us on the roof. They quickly take out the drow and carry her away hostage. Wave after wave of yellow teeth and green muscle storm our outpost. We do our best to hold our own concentrating on one at a time. As each orc falls another two show up from the stairway or the hole in the roof. Slowly we fall in battle and it is 3 on 3, 3 on 2, 3 on 1, then blackness.

I wake up in a jail cell of sorts completely unaware of the day, time, or location. I catch my senses and think of a quick exit strategy. Blackthorne and Rinon can teleport, I can only when using a special attack taught to me in my days in the militia. Mustering all my strength I punch the dwarf in the stomach as we use the shadows to our advantage to slip into the corridor. I have no clue how this works, it is one of the powers clerics taught us. Our faith allows us to absorb the magic of the gods for short bursts like this. Now we just need to figure out how to free the drown from her cell.

There are bodies chained to the pillars holding the ceiling up in this underground prison, we follow the corridor to the next room some kind of ancient torture chamber with every dark implement imaginable to inflict pain and suffering. Blackthrone being an expert on blades finds us some makeshift weapons good for hacking like a machete. We go back into the area with the cells to check the other room out and are ambushed by zombies. The bodies chained to the wall break free attacking us. We quickly dispose of these wretched creatures, they give death such a bad name.

The plan

I inviston it so different draw them in set the house a blazed. My god what went wrong? We fought like loins but the waves of orc where too much. Is this the after life why does it smell so bad oh im not dead rupert just punched smoothbearded out side my cell.

Game on time to kill more orcs!


Why cant we have it all!

Black lake is open who has the power the rats?? Who is there leader? Can i bring them under my thumb? Maybe we can disrupttprofitsere opiration so much they will need to pay us off, or maybe we get the haflings from the docks to move in to the blacklake. There is profits to be made here. Why not us!!!!!!!!

How did we get ourselves into this mess?

We are surrounded by Orcs! Two raiding parties of twelve are on either side of us. I refuse to die in a run down warehouse in the middle of no where–I don’t know how we are going to get out of this mess. If only the drow TRIED to stay quiet.

I can’t wait to find the final shard and retrieve our rewards from the Priestess of Selune. If only we didn’t have to pay them to revive our friend Rupert afters our encounter with the daemons. Maybe I will take my reward and invest in some new friends.

— Rinon

Enough Rats Already

We all meet up at the House of 1000 Faces later that day and decide to venture out to the River District and find the Halfling Pallas and his thieves guild. When we arrive at the docks there is aleady a fit going on between the Dead Rats and the thiees guild. We decide its in our best interests to help out the halflings since we already have a vendetta aganst the rats.

What seems like a good idea, becomes a bad idea. The rats and the halflings start attacking us. One fight becomes four simultanious skirmishes. We manage to fight off all the rats and most of the halfing theives. Enough rat already their breath stinks and these vile creatures are cheap in their fighting styles lacking proper skill and technique. I another one bites one of us, its dinner. Their leader Pallas, at what seems to be the killing strike from Smoothbeard falls into the depths below. Blackthorne searches for his body but cannot find it in the dirty waters below. We hold the last of the thieives hostage and try to negotiate with him. He gives us the second shard in exchange for his life. We also find a bunch of gold and a dwarf’s journal who was searching for the lost ancient city of Gauntlym.

Death From Below

We followed the sewers which ends with a giant gate with a large room beyond. Lireal uses her magic to move a lever and the giant grate raises. We move on in and fight another group of rata, which we easily dispose of the last tried to surreder but that is not our way. He told us we are all going to die before running away and turning a switch. The room started to fill with water violently moving us around and we all got pretty hurt from the waves. Gushing water pushed up towards a waterfall where Rinon and I found a cave with armor, a longsword, and gems. We continue exploring the caves and hear a scraping sound.

Upon investigation we find a bunch of corpses of humans and animals and the strange symbols we saw in Neverwinter above the doorways of the missing citizens. There was so much carnage and death, it gave us all the heebbee geebees. Before we get a chance to think, we are attacked by these fiends with a leader covered in chains with hooks for hands. The demons and devils have powers beyond our defenses within seconds everything goes black and my body feels numb.

I hear the Raven Queen commanding me to wake up. She tells me my task is not yet complete. Slowly the world comes back into focus my eyes burn from the sunlight. Sunlight? How we are long underground. Startled I scream out and a group of priestesses rush over. They tell me not to get up so fast, I become overwhelemed with questions. Blackthorne walks into the room and explains to me how I fell in battle against the demons and Elmo came to our rescue. Blackthorne took me to the temple of Selune and they ressurected me as pament for finding the first shard.

Rat Basterds

After making our way to the shrine of Seleune to return the shard recovered from the otherside of the wall, the obvious next step was to find this second shard the halfling we fought in the House of a Thousand Faces spoke of. I suggested to the group that we first check in with Coral the trading Dwarf to see if he has any news on where that sword came from we pilfered from the warehouse of stolen goods in the Black Lake District. Blackthorne came with me but we could no find Coral anywhere. Meanwhile Rion ans Smoothbeard went back to the Black Lake District to find at halfling again for more information. Blackthorne and I decided to check out the caravan gates, perhaps Starforged knows where Coral is. Lireal and Alain sent some time in the market searching for supplies.

Oddly there were less merchants ans way more guards near the caravan gates per usual. Starforged waas nowhere to be seen. There is a group of guys wo stick out, cloaked mercenaries from afar. We follow them for a bit, curiousity getting the best of us. They do no appear to be brigands, and we break off and meet up with the drow ans human before heading over to the Beached Leviathian to rejoin Rion and Smoothbeard.

Fnally our whole group is back together around a table covered in empty mugs, the usual. Rion tells us the second shard is in the River District. Our way in is via the head of the Black Lake Council, citizens group that wants to restore the area to its former glory. Blackthrone decides to hire Otis, the town drunk as a guide. What use will he be outside a tavern? At the House of a Thousand Faces we find Ealat, the leader of the Black Lake Council, he does not seem to care for what we have to ask and say. Our conversation is interupted by commotion outside. There are a bunch of protestors chanting, “Neverember Out!” about 3/4 of them are towns people, the rest mercenaries including the strange ones we followed earlier in the carvan area. Rion asks them questions, trying to get information. One of them approaches me and asks if I am with them, or against them. I explain I am a born and raised Neverwintian, not one of the otsider mercenaries from Waterdeep. He has a perculiar bone neckalce on with runes. I shout to the crowd, "Death or Glory’, and we all go back inside.

Back inside, Blackthorne pays off the Black Lake Council as a gesture to show good faithand interest. We hear more commotion and watch from the windows a fight between the crowd and guards. One person died during this scuffle and the crowd disperses. Smokus spots the wiry figure watching us yesterday get lost trying to find the sewers. Immediately we all run out to follow. Doing my most impressive acrobatics, I jump tumble and roll arund the crowd and obstructions. Soothbeard being less graceful (by that I mean a dwarf) crashes right into a vendor cart like a bull in a Waterdeep shop. The. figure making headway darts down an alley. Rion and Blackthrone take to the roofs hoping to get a better vantage point. Eventually we all end up at the end of an alley with a sewer grate and no wiry figure in sight.

Inside the sewer is a statue of a halfling rogue, the leader of the Dead Rats gang, this must be one of their hideouts, I spit on the statue as we pass it. Maybe twenty feet into the sewer we are ambushed b alligators and sewer rats. A very tough battle, Blackthorne and Lireal being knocked dowin for the count numerous times each. If it was not for Smootheard and Rion’s healing, I am afraid we would have lost them both. I continued to keep the creatures at bay and away from my friends. Just as exhaustion set in, the final rat died.

Under Waters Deep

There is a drunk at the end of the bar, and by the look on the barkeep’s face he has been been there for far too long. we do or best to not bring attention to ourselves, but the drunk notices us. Just our luck, Elmo he tells us is his name is the most annoying person I have ever encountered. We manage to get on with our way and follow this crude map the halfling left behind.

It seems that the map must be off, turn after turn we continued to get lost. Eventually no matter whom looked at the map was able to figure out where we were. My knowledge of these streets from long ago when times were better was no use. I tried to lead the group around the twisting alleys and was unable to find the sewer entrance. Blakcthorne took the map for awhile and to no avail find our way either. This map must be enchanted we thought, it is the only logical explanation. Lireal examined the parchment concentrating on it for quite some time, but nonmagical was her verdict. We continued onward hoping to make our way back to the begining when I noticed a tall wiry figure watching us from the distance. We chase after the shade prepared to battle and the alleyway opens up to a plaza full of people. They are all gathered together discussing something going on. Above every doorway is a upside down triangle made of three pieces all red. This symbol is something reminicisent of an old old religion.

Smokus the dwarf and Rion being more diplomatic than ssy I or the drow, approach the crowd and ask them what is going on. The townspeople tell us that they woke up and found these symbols painted over everydoor. Also people have been disappearing lately. They are all baffled, we assumee the dissapearances and symbols must be connected. We leave the plaza ans eventually find the entrance to the sewers.

After traveling for a bit we come to a fork in the road and follow it left. A ways down there is a dooe on the otherside. The group desides to cross the sewer to check out whats behind the door. Everyone but yours truly makes it across safely, I fall in and quickly rescued by my traveling companions. After some fiddling, the dwarf figures out how to open the door and we all go in. Once inside, with the door closed we hear a large group march by, not all the footsteps sounded human one in particular sounds like slurping. To avoid a battle we won’t win, the group decides to explore around here.

The hallway is lined with the crests of past kings of Neverwinter. The cet between the current king and his son is crossed out. At the end of the hallway is a cave in, no where else to go. The elves want to dig through the rubble to keep on going. I find this to be be a bad idea, the last thing we need is another cave in and be buried alive. They eventually make their way through the rubble and there is a statue of King Algaor, the founder of Neverwinter. Around him are nine different sunbursts and an engraving stating, “By the Nine she will forever be protected.” I sense this is a very holy place.

With no where else to go, we all head back to the sewer and continue our trek. After awile the elves sense magic about, an eerie feeling that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Blackthorne our scout, spots a ladder heading up and out of the sewer, he goes up it alone to figure out where we are. It turns out we are beyond the wall and it is now nighttime when the spellplagued are at their greatest numbers. This must be how they are entering the city! Blackthorne explains to us that during the daytime the spell plagued are less numbered and weaker, we all decide to go back to the statue room and spend the night. Rion tries to touch the statue and is thrown back by a shock of electricty. Feeling some urge to make peace with founding king, I approach the statue and pray. Of the entire group only am I able to touch the statue without electric reprimand.

It was an uneventful night thankfully. The Raven Queen graced us with her safety. I had trouble sleeping again, secnd night in a row. I just cannot fall asleep, perhaps too much on my mind? In the morning we trek out back into the sewer and take the ladder above ground. There are spell plagued fighting the city guards trying to breach a wall to the north into the city. We are instantly attacked by spell plagued and this weird one eyed dog, it is hideous. It seems the more spell plagued we take down, the more that keep coming. Also this hideous mutt is not the only of is kind. The fighting goes on all morning before letting up. The drow spots the shard we are looking over for in the distance and the dwarf runs into the thickest of battle to get it. Blackthorne finds a steaigt run for the city walls and we all follow behind. As sooon as we make it over the city’s limits a rag tag team of guards and mercanaries close the gap continuing to fight off the spell plagued. Now we must seek the priestess of Sehune and return to her this shard.


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