Shards of Corryn

There is no place like home

too much has changed

I am still struggling to become acustomed to this new Neverwinter, so much has changed since I was alive. The militia is quite useless against the constant attacks by the spell plagued. That is why it did not bother me in the least when I was discharged from their service. I walk the city streets all of which are a constant reminder of my past a time when things were better. I barey remember those days, only what the Raven Queen has told me. I continue to have nightmares, they seem so real. In each of them I am still a youth and Neverwinter was a much happier place.

I decided to walk around the marketplace perhaps someone would hire me to do heavy lifting or guarding a caravan. The half orc selling weapons was of no help, I do not trust her kind, half orc is half too much for me. This stout old dwarf Coral was trying to fix his cart. One of the wheels had fallen off and I offered to help him. A human from the woods, a hunter perhaps helped as well and we were able to get the bent pin straightened and the wheel back on. Just as we finished the oer whom helped asked Coral if he was hiring. The two of us accepted to find his missing caravan from Waterdeep in the south in exchange of 250 gold total.

Just as we were about to leave two drakes and a gang of spell plagued attacked everyone in the marketplace. I focused keeping the red drake way from the citizens unable to assist against the spell plagued terrorizing the citizens. Three elves fed up with the lack of help from the militia took on these spell plagued and the human I am now. hired along with took the other drake, a green one. After ever. overhwelming strike of my great sword, I moved backwards luring the drake away from the crowd. Not paying attention I left my back defenseless against the spell plagued whom attacked in packs. Luckily the human, I later learned his name is Alain, took care of them weilding a sword in each hand. The elves fought with magic sending the foul beasts back to where they came from.

Alain asked the elves if they wanted to accompany us in the search of the caravan for a share of the 250 gold. However, Coral reduced his price and we had to haggle to get 225 gold half up front. I wonder if it even worth searching the woods and plains for this caravan. All the inns around here are overpriced for the false sense of security the militia offeres. I take the group to the black like district on the other side of the Winged Wyrm an ornate dragon bridge to wht was once the glory of Neverwinter and now its chaotic abyss. We make our way to the Beached Leviathan the cheapest ale and lodging around.

There was a stange roguish character lurking outside the entrance. I could not remember whom it was nor where I have seen it before. No matter how much I tried to remember my mind drew blanks. Inside we ordered more ale than we could drink and lodging for the night. A group across the room intently watched our every move. I learned the names of the others Blackthorne, Rinon. and Lieral. The night was surprisingly uneventful, the elves expected to be robbed. Lireal the only female in our bunch is a drow, it is very odd for one of her kind to be traveling with Blackthorn moon elf. In the morning we learn of Old Greennag is looking for mercenaries. We check him out, perhaps two jobs would be useful, especially if we cannot find the caravan or the dwarf. His offer is 25 gold per day per person. We decide to not work for him as his mercenries tend not survive for long. After browsing his enchanted items for sale things we would never afford, we head to the gate to find Starforged, who would know about Coral’s missing shipments.

Starforged is a very busy man in charge of recording all imports and exports at Neverwinter. Aready frustrated with Coral’s constant inquiries, he had little information to offer us. We decide to follow his suggestion of checking out the back roads, as orcs have been raiding the main High Road. After a half day’s walk day turns to night and we stumble across an old stone circle like the druids on Moonshae built. We start to scout the area out when I stumble upon skeletons, zombies, a giant skeleton cyclops. How I hate the undead and their foul stentch. Dishonorable corpses reanimated unlike my reanimated soul serving a purpose for the Raven Queen. I attack the skeleton cyclops trying to have surprise on my side.

Lireal the drow fought with intensity sending electric spiders from her hands by the hundreads upon the zombies. Rinon was all over the battlefield keeping skeletons at bay. After a lengthy skirmish with two of my traveling companions fallen we relieve the land of this scourge. The two that had fallen were not undead but unconscious. We decide to rest and heal them while checking out this abandoned caravan on the road behind the stone circle. The caravan has the seal of Coral, it is deinitely what we were looking for. However with deeper investigtion it seems orcs raided it not the undead we just fought off. We must bring the news back to Neverwinter. Things have become much more serious than thought.



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